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Besttop LED light,as one of the biggest led light manufacturer and suppliers in China,our led lighting products which all have passed UL,CE,Rohs,and FCC test are exported to Europe, America and more than ten countries and areas

led spot light

led spot light is widely used in home and business occasion.
Home Lighting: Ceiling, cabinet, cocktail cabinet.
Business occasion Lighting: Jewellery shop, toggery, groggery and product showroom.


1. More efficient: led spot light is more effective than traditional bulb. A 1W LED Bulb is equals to a 10W traditional bulb, 90% of the electrical power can be saved.
2. Much safer: led spot light generates little heat, approximately 50 degree centigrade, much safer than traditional lamp which might generate heat up to 2000 degrees in its core.
3. Long Life-span: led spot light has more than 50 thousand hours life span, 50 times more than the traditional lamp.
4. Environmental friendly: led spot light will never produce  infrared rays, ultra-violet or any other rays that might harmful for human.
5. Easy Installation: Remove the quartz lamp cup, and replace the led spot light cup.

Cases of led spotlight in Korea
led spotlight
With the profound effort of Besttop LED lighting engineers and R&D team, more and more led spotlight have been used in the Korea.
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We can produce led spotlight and more other led product according to your requirements