Latvia launch the energy-saving outdoor lighting project(ESOLi)

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Latvia launch the energy-saving outdoor lighting project(ESOLi)
European Commission Outdoor Lighting Project has been launched in Latvia. It provide better lighting for highways, residential areas, city centers, secondary roads, industry zones and parks, to make people have a sense of security in the improved city environment. If the purpose is to save energy (to reduce the CO2 emissions and save money), control and manage lighting systems more efficient, and shape a green image of city, then we must take the intelligent street lighting system into account. With the assistant of energy agency and street lighting operators it will be easier to achieve these goals.

At present, about 8 million street lighting devices consumed nearly 6 billion KWH of electricity annually in Europe. If intelligent lighting system replaces the traditional street lighting system, such as switching to use adaptive outdoor lighting or LED lighting system, more than 60% of the energy consumption can be saved

Practical example

Intelligent street lighting system has been put into use in Riga and Gray in Latvia, sooner or later this system will be used in New thrill and tile and Saldus etc. these cities will get benefits both in finance and environment (reduce CO2 emissions). These projects had important meanings in both technology solution and using green investment plan.

In Gray areas the street lighting remote control and manage system used to be installed in the later 2010. Totally 40 streets set up lighting management system, which can simultaneously control 3 lighting lines and 450 lamps. Control and management system are benefit to save energy, so that reduce the carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. Lighting can be remote controlled, that is, users can via their computer control the switch and supervise the whole system.

Management system makes the user control and manage the entire city lighting, which include anyplace from office to where the Internet can connect.

Compared with the old system, through using the intelligent system, Riga area can save 5792 kilowatt-hours of electricity and 2299 kilogram of carbon dioxide emissions one month.

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Latvia launch the energy-saving outdoor lighting project(ESOLi)