LED lighting stage application fully demonstrates the concept of low carbon environmental protection


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LED lighting stage application fully demonstrates the concept of low carbon environmental protection
Abstract: Promote the LED green lighting in film and other professional fields application, improve LED green lighting to enhance the cultural industry's technical capabilities, it will make our venue construction stage lighting to be a pioneer of LED green lighting and energy conservation.

Shenzhen Universiade demonstrates the concept of low carbon environmental protection, the principle of its venue construction is not build while can change, not change while can repair and not buy while can rent, which reflecting the idea of ​​sustainable development, venue art lighting energy saving projects are often easily overlooked. China's lighting consumes about 20% of the entire power consumption, while the performing arts venues lighting is one of the large energy consumption, reduce energy consumption of electricity for lighting arts venues is an important way to save electricity.

The use of stage lighting is 1KW-5KW halogen light source lamp basically at home and abroad currently, which power consumption is very high. But the LED lighting is low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, long life, colorful, controllable, no infrared radiation characteristics and especially remarkable in energy-saving effect. Such as a medium-sized theater, whose lighting electricity consumption will reach 650KW for the traditional halogen light source lighting design, the electric power is less than 180KW while taking use of the green light source lamps with stage features, over 70% could be saved. At the same time, the distribution capacity of stage lighting system is also reduced greatly, which can save a lot of cable wire. As the LED light takes use of through power and low-power. It eliminates the high-order harmonic contamination for the grid, which is produced by dimmable SCR, but also saved the large capital investment for "harmonic suppression".

The stage lighting of Beijing's Chang'an Grand Theatre has replaced to all energy efficient LED lamps, which become the only theatre who use low-carbon lighting at home and abroad. As of 2008, our all country had owned more than 2,000 performing arts venues, nearly 1000 medium-sized theater, more than 2,000 television stations and nearly 5000 various studios. Nearly 50 million degrees electricity could be saved if carry out "Green Lighting Project" in our country’s cultural venues, which is carrying out green lighting solutions in 100 theaters. The research and promotion of green light stage lighting will have a very considerable economic benefits and social benefits.

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LED lighting stage application fully demonstrates the concept of low carbon environmental protection